7 Tips For Your First MotoVlog

A MotoVlog can be defined as a type of video log while riding a motorcycle. There are numerous successful MotoVlog’s out on YouTube that draw a lot of attention throughout the motorcycle arena, so here are a few pointers to get you started with your own:


  1. Make sure you get a good angle

A motorcycle is generally a difficult object to film from. Most amateur footage consists of close-ups of the dash or the rear end of the rider. By its nature it is hard to mount and stabilise a camera to a bike. Enter GoPro. GoPro have revolutionised the action camera world and if you are going to start a MotoVlog this will probably be your best bet. They are easy to mount and can capture wide angles in HD even at 60fps.

A good idea is to capture a helmet view (side, top or bottom) and combine it with an onboard view and chop and change through the edit. Check out the skills of MaxWrist below to see what I am on about. Only problem with this is you’ll need to do double takes if you have a single GoPro or you could buy 2 GoPro’s, but that will hit the wallet hard.

You will also have to buy an adapter for a mic, a mic with standard jack and a skeleton case for the GoPro. This is available on Ebay and there are a wide selection of mic’s that you can purchase with clips so that you can attach it to the inside of your helmet.


  1. Is your journey entertaining?

It’s all about capturing your audience in the first few seconds, if you have a long intro, or you ride along for extended periods of time without any commentary or action on the road then your views are going to drop off. Keep it interesting, talk about the bike, talk about the scenery or race a Ferrari (thanks Maxwrist)

  1. Editing skills

Most successful YouTubers have excellent editing skills, take a look at Casey Neistat for example. The guy times his scenes, music and themes perfectly. Once again, riding down a road for 10 minutes without any action is not going to provide anyone any entertainment. Cut that out and jump to the action. Combine it with a short but sweet intro and make sure there is something of value.

  1. Be sure to gear up

You are on a public forum, it is a good idea to gear up and ride responsibly. We have all heard of stories about the cops arresting reckless and negligent drivers/riders. Rather be a role model for your audience than a one hit viral wonder. Motovlogging requires a lot of coordination, make sure to be safe.

Remember, having a decent bike also will contribute to your views. I would rather watch someone talk about a 1299 Panigale than a Kawasaki 250R.

  1. Reveal your personality

What makes you unique? What are your characteristics? There is a ton of content out there now, so you’ll have to find your USP. Is it the scenery? Is it your nationality? What is it about you that will make you appeal to a wider audience? Once again you don’t have to take risks or try being something you not. Rather be consistent and create some curiosity.

  1. Consistency is key

Once you have your angles set up, your editing skills have improved and you have a USP, the next step is consistency. Remember to keep your content coming. There is no point making a great vlog, posting it up and then going quiet for the next year. It takes work and it’s not as easy as it looks to build an audience, but if you are consistent, it will speed up the process.

  1. Be relevant and take criticism on the chin.

It doesn’t matter who you are, there are zero videos on the internet that haven’t been disliked by someone somewhere. We live in a world of keyboard warriors where everyone has an opinion and they are not afraid to share it. There will always be haters, just ask Rich Piana, but ignore the negativity, instead let it fuel your work and carry on with what you believe is right.

It’s also important to talk about relevant topics, discuss the performance of the bike, the movement of the traffic, your feelings, emotions etc. It would be a bit strange to discuss the history of Europe whilst doing a vlog. Be different but there are limits.



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