Cyclist Maniac In Honda Jazz Has Beef With BMW S1000RR For No Reason (Video)


Video description:

‘Johannesburg: Some incomprehensible driving by a complete and utter delusional cyclist maniac in a Honda Jazz with registration ZTL 121 GP.

If you see or know this person I advise you to get away as quickly as humanly possible before you put your life at risk.

Stupidity like this deserves an award. The irony is that this fool was up early to cycle when there is less traffic on the roads and it is safer for him, just as I was up early to enjoy a ride in the hope that fucking morons like him are in less abundance. Yet here he is endangering the lives of others.

As a cyclist and motorcycle enthusiast you would think another fellow cyclist would know better than to just drive around a stationary motorcycle at an intersection and through a red light. His stupidity is remarkable, yet what is more disturbing is the fact that he hasn’t acknowledged it yet.

Good luck small penis man’

maniac honda jazz


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