Honda RC213V-S On The Road (Video)

The MotoGP inspired RC213V-S was put on the road for the first time this past Sunday ridden by Hiroshi Aoyama. This bike is the closest thing to a fully fledged MotoGP bike that one can buy, although whether you can buy it or not is a separate question all together as the price is rumored to be over €100 000. The reason for this is that the RC213V-S is not manufactured like any other mass produced bike, such as the sand-casting of the engine.

Here are some details although the final specs are yet to be unveiled.


210hp 90° V4 with aluminium crankcase (instead of Magnesium for Marquez), factory fuel injectors, conventional slipper clutch, valve springs and gearbox. Pistons are also modified to increase service intervals.


Same as Marquez’s RC213V.


Same as Marquez’s RC213V. 655mm aluminium swingarm as apposed to 600mm on a standard Fireblade.


Full titanium with valves.

Wheels and tyres

190/55/17 Bridgestone S20R. Wheels are aluminium for road and Magnesium for sport kit.


The HRC display and MotoGP electronic steering damper hint at a full electronics package which has yet to be unveiled.


MotoGP-spec Öhlins gas pressurised forks and Brembo calipers and discs.




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