Yamaha XV950 Racer Special Edition

Yamaha has released a cafe-racer inspired XV950 which will go into production, but before you get too excited, this special edition will only be available in Europe. This rather attractive retro Yamaha exhibits a blend between a cafe racer and a ‘low rider’.

2015-Yamaha-XV950-Racer-Front-Right-Three-Quarters-Profile (1)

In my perfect bike garage there would definitely be a cafe racer of sorts and a modern one is a wise decision as you will have the luxury and comforts of modern tech without the drawbacks of high-maintenance motorcycling of the past. No more greasy hands and carburetor kits lying around the kitchen. However would it be the XV950? Well it sure looks good but I would probably ignore everything I’ve just mentioned and opt for a done up version of a CB750 instead.

2015-Yamaha-XV950-Racer-Left-Side-Profile 2015-Yamaha-XV950-Racer-Rear-Right-Three-Quarters 2015-Yamaha-XV950-Racer-Rear-Right-Three-Quarters-1 2015-Yamaha-XV950-Racer-Right-Side-Profile


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