Kawasaki shows future intentions

Kawasaki reveals the companies intention for the future. In the diagrams we can see Kawasaki has filed a number of electric sport bike designs. The patents reveal sportbike geometry, a trellis frame as well as various places where the batteries can be placed. One design shows a removable option for quick removal and installation of battery packs.

Kawasaki-Files-New-Patent-For-Electric-Super-Bike-01 Kawasaki-Files-New-Patent-For-Electric-Super-Bike-02 Kawasaki-Files-New-Patent-For-Electric-Super-Bike-03

Could this be the beginning of end of the internal combustion engine for the motorcycle? Well with Kawasaki filing names such as the E2 and E2R, we could soon see the world of the flaming exhaust be replaced by the letter i and a plug point. But look at it this way, when the motor vehicle replaced horses, we didn’t stop using them, instead, we used them for special occasions and various sports. So, the electric bike wont necessarily replace the internal combustion bike, there will just be fewer of them, and they will be used for sport, special occasions and by hobbyists and purists. Good news if you ask me.

Kawasaki-Files-New-Patent-For-Electric-Super-Bike-04 Kawasaki-Files-New-Patent-For-Electric-Super-Bike-06


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