2015 Kawasaki Ninja H2 to be revealed 30th September

The much anticipated Kawasaki H2 is to be revealed at the end of the month at Intermot. Below we can find a couple teaser videos, one with a sound recording of the new H2. It is clear in the video that the new H2 could either be powered by an inline 4 supercharged or turbocharged powerplant. Although if their Jet Ski’s are anything to go by, it would more than likely be supercharged. Additionally, a supercharged engine will have a more predictable power delivery.


In the teaser video, the bike appears to be in track guise as it comes equipped with slicks and no mirrors etc, perhaps lending itself to be predominantly track designed, however it would not be financially viable for Kawasaki to make a track-only version, so expect the new H2 to be road legal. It is also safe to say that the new H2 will be revolutionary in the motorcycle industry of today, and should provide plenty of entertainment. I, for one, cant wait.





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