Media sensationalism at its finest

I feel sorry for bikers. It seems as if the biking community, in its minority, is on the receiving end of some rather negative publicity lately, which can be attributed to stereotypical thinking.


Stereotypical thinking patterns, for those of you who don’t know, is a thought process utilised by those with an IQ between 7 and 8. Some examples include: Women are bad drivers, all Americans are fat, all Blacks have big penises, all Asians are highly intelligent, all White South Africans are racist and all bikers are gang members etc.

This most recent example above was utilized by Carte Blanche in a report of theirs, which, if you didn’t know any better, would make you believe that bikers are big bad gangbangers waiting for you to look at them wrong so they have permission to beat you up.


Unfortunately not Carte Blanche, a criminal gang, named the ‘Macs’ who happen to commute on motorcycles as their preferred modus operandi are a bunch of gangbangers who will beat you up. Not motorcyclists in general, and I know you didn’t say that directly, there were, however, sensationalist comments and dramatic video footage, taken off YouTube by the way (discussed further) to SENSATIONALIZE your report that made motorcyclists in general LOOK BAD.

As an example, and to try and communicate my point to those of us who are slightly intellectually challenged; I don’t think all accountants are boring? Some of them must surely have a social life? I don’t know, I’m just spitballing here. Perhaps the LAW OF AVERAGES will assist me in proving my hypothesis.

Here is the link to the Carte Blanche video report: 

Here are some other observations from the video which tend to sway my opinion on the journalistic piece:

  • The two individuals who were beaten up at the pub could have easily remained uninvolved if they chose to as the baddies did seem a bit dangerous
  • His friend (wearing an EFC Africa t-shirt no less) didn’t exactly look like a nursery school teacher, shoving individuals out the way to come to the rescue.
  • In fact, both of them looked as if they are on the receiving end of a 23 gauge needle, twice a week, filled to the brim with a synthetic version of nutsack juice.
  • The Elite group is not a fucking charity either, and the fact that I said this means that I will have to go into hiding for about 17 months or risk being decapitated in a brown, winter-stricken field located on Johannesburg’s Westrand.
  • Carte Blanche used various dramatic YouTube footage of sportbikes doing wheelies and riding around recklessly. I have seen the footage on YouTube before (YouTube user edcunhaph’s content was used.  I believe this user is based in Brazil). Footage shows a bike riding on the right hand side of the road pulling wheelies in traffic. Last time I checked, we keep left?

So in summary, the journalistic piece is actually about one gang versus another with the ultimate prize being free Cocaine and CAT distribution rights to a large portion of Gauteng.


And if we have to summarize this even further, one could assume that Carte Blanche is scraping the barrel, probably due to the fact that old Ossie is under mental observation or what not, and everyone else is switching back to E-TV.

So if you are a biker enjoying the freedom and tranquility biking brings you, and some timid low-life motorist happens to run you down in their 2 tonne Land Rover because they were ‘defending’ themselves (and their minuscule ballsack I might add), then I do apologize sincerely, I am trying my best here.

Just as a side note, sometimes your pizza arrives by motorcycle, sometimes your vital medical sample, sometimes your husband, wife, friend, colleague. Sometimes your morning newspaper or even your son or daughter.


Let’s not generalize or believe in stereotypes. There are baddies wherever you go, our president is one. Let’s film him.


23 thoughts on “Media sensationalism at its finest

  1. Brad says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more… & I’m a biker – So what!
    Look at all the murder that’s going down in our country….
    Look at all the fraud – from the President down…
    Look at all the hijackings…
    Are any of these above, perpetrated by a biker/bikers???

    Carte Blanche, think that you should rather stick to what you know,
    like Nkandla & maybe put the likes of those fraudsters, thieves & murderers away,
    so that we can lead a stress free & equal life! Including us bikers!!!

  2. koekie! tbiking name w says:

    Not all bikers r the desrespectfull hooligans that carte blanch made to believe we R? Why didnt they made sure off it im married to a biker he made me a biker in biking i learned about respect love honor believe? More than what i can say before i become one?

  3. Grunt says:

    Except for the gutter language, I agree with this. Carte Blanche was too one sided. The clip speaks for itself & the bikers here got out of hand. Unfortunately for the steroid filled youngsters, they are probably used to being bouncer types & getting their own way, but bit off more than they could chew.
    I don’t condone this behaviour, but it was reported as if all bikers are the same.

  4. Louise Upton says:

    Carte Blanche needs to do a follow up on the TRUE biking community and offer a public apology THIS SUNDAY. Shame on you Carte Blanche for painting all bikers with the same tar brush. This msge is from a happily married mother and biker chic (who doesn’t run around bliksuming people).

  5. les says:

    amazing that carte blanche doesn’t does stories like what bikers do for charity etc the largest one TOY RUN you assholes not all bikers do that in fact why not follow some car gangs around and see same if not worse you as so called open journalists are sitting with eyes with shut and are narrow minded one side ignorant idiots no wonder we have to question what we see if real or not, MABYE YOU SHOULD QUESTION YOURSELF IS THIS THE NORM OR ISOLATED, but def not just bikers

  6. Gaynor Stander says:

    I was terribly upset by Carte Blanches show and feel they need to do a re-broadcast about bikers. Perhaps interview local bikers from different provinces so that people can see we are normal people. We all come from different professions (Accountants, doctors, lawyers, advocates, mechanics, computer nerds, or even just your local business owners) and we all have wives, husbands, children and families. We celebrate Christmas, Easter, birthdays and anniversaries; not by revving our bikes loadly and breaking the law, but by showing love and kindness to our families. We live in houses that most of us own and pay for from our salaries we earn. We pay our electricity and rates accounts, and we buy groceries. The percentage of bikers who use drugs and participate in criminal activities is probably equal to car drivers who drugs and do crime. At the end of the day, we humans. No different to car drivers, rugby players or any other group you know. Every person in SA does a sport or hobby that pleases them, why not biking? Are all runners regarded as murders because Oscar killed Reeva?? NO! Are all cricket players thieves because Hansie Cronje did match fixing?? NO! Should an entire church be judged because the local paster gets up tp no good?? NO! Carte Blanche owes the biking community in general an apology. What they did is disgusting and was not good journalism at all. And yes, the pics were not even of South African bikers! I am not ashamed to be a biker and never will be. My Husband, my son and myself all ride our own bikes and I welcome Carte Blanche to join us on rides and any outing we attend. We have fun and great family time together. I refuse to put the blame on “bikers” for Mac’s getting into a brawl outside a club. This is a regular occurance outside clubs in general when people interfere with other peoples personal problems, and not a reserved event for bikers. I do not condone what happened, but non-bikers don’t get this negative publicity!

    1. Yvonne says:

      Gaynor, I think your reply here is excellent. The fact that they miss here is that most “bikers” are professionals who can actually afford a second method of transportation and travel (on fuel that is actually unaffordable) for relaxation. You are proudly supported.

  7. mukhtarm1 says:

    Most definitely some sensationalist reporting in the Carte Blanche clip. And also clearly something scary about all the parties involved – if those guys who got beat up had to pull up next to me on my bike, I am also going to wheelie away as fast as I can! And if they went to cal Daddy, then I would move to another Town in a big hurry! Nee, this is shit stirring de luxe at play here!

  8. Joline says:

    I’m sorry I disagree with all of you. I didn’t pick up that they were targeting all bikers. Carte Blanche specifically mentioned the west rand and the ‘MAC’ biker group that is becoming a bit of a problem. Not once did I think all bikers. All I thought was that this specific biker gang is getting out of control and to have like 30 guys on 1 is really not necessary.

    1. Peter says:

      At least one person has some common sense. This article was about a bike club getting out of hand and that is all. If you feel it was about you as a biker than all i can say is you must have a guilty conscience.

      1. jozirides says:

        ‘…and I know you didn’t say that directly, there were, however, sensationalist comments and dramatic video footage, taken off YouTube by the way (discussed further) to SENSATIONALIZE your report that made motorcyclists in general LOOK BAD.’

      2. Gaynor Stander says:

        Carte Blanche DID say that bikers hide behind doing charity work . . . that is generalizing

  9. Lady Rider says:

    Joline…I agree with you 100%…nowhere in this programme did carte blanche say all bikers are bad, they did however specifically mention these idiots from the west rand called the “mac”.
    Its delinquents like these guys who give real bikers, the decent type, like us a bad name. Well done Carte Blanche for bringing this to the attention of all South Africans!

  10. Truth says:

    Stop moaning and groaning about the truth. The Mac’s have been banned from many a rally. They have a reputation for causing trouble and you bunch want to cry about it?

    What has the Toy Run have to do with a brutal assault on these guys? Are you denying it?
    Ah but there is worst things in the country some-one says, WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING. This is WRONG. End of Discussion.

    I am a biker, and someone who has been to many a rally. Many biker know me on and off the racetracks. I know whats going on out there.
    There are certain gangs that are up to no good and the Macs happen to be one of them guys. There is the proof. Now stop moaning like children and get on with you lives.

  11. even me says:

    I will say this in afrikaans then i can exspress myself better … ek is n biker en gaan na baie rallies en day jols toe ek ken baie Macs members en jy word nie gebliksem onnodig nie die feit dat hulle dit op so manier gedoen het stem ek nie saam met nie . Maar … die manne wat gekiellie is in die video moes ook ma vir nonsens gesoek het . Wonder net wat het al binne die club begin ! Ek glo dat daar met die macs member gedeel sal word deur hulle pres en national pres !

  12. Jason says:

    A lot of what is being said is definitely media sensationalism, but take a ride to Harties or through the Cradle/Magaliesberg on a Sunday and then you will truly start disliking the biking community. If its not the Harley clubs taking up the whole road riding 2 or 3 abreast, its super bike riders riding to the limit trying to imitate the Isle of Man, or scooters squeezing through traffic at a traffic light and then pulling in front of everyone and holding everyone up as they ride to the limit of their small motor, and I wont even mention the disregard for law with the lack of number plates; oh and if you lucky you will have your mirrors still on your vehicle when you get home….As I type this I can hear a biker in peak hour traffic riding his bike to the limit up Beyers Naude…….and you wonder why the poor bikers are disliked and picked on??? I do however agree that this is a generalisation and not all deserve to be painted with the same brush, just like taxi drivers.

    As for Carte Blanche, does anyone watch that sensationalism any more?

    Before you all get pissed off with me, I too am a biker!

  13. wynandroos says:

    Very nicely written piece!

    “There is no such thing as bad publicity!” Maybe I am alone here but part of what I love about donning my leathers and getting on my bike is the mystery… Did I have a bad night last night, did I have a fight with my wife this morning and am I carrying my 9mm – you just don’t know, and I like the fact that you don’t know… The fact that I am on my way to have a Cappuccino and Carrot cake with some awesome people with great families and respecting professions is just a bonus…

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