Crutchlow expresses disappointment with Ducati

It seems as if Ducati’s highly criticised MotoGP Desmo might claim another talented rider.


Cal Crutchlow explains after his disappointing Jerez outing:

 “I had no brakes, I don’t know why, they just didn’t work. I did two laps, I felt great, I felt the best I had all weekend, I made a lot of passes, a lot of aggressive passes and I was coming to the front of the group and I was happy.

My team did a great job with the settings for the race. I felt good, the bike was stopping no problem and then on one lap I just didn’t stop at all, the brake lever was completely back to the bar, so I slowed down for a lap to try and get the pressure back on the brake.

Next corner, I had no brake at all, zero, nothing, so I slowed down again, pumped the brake up, then it worked. I let Hernandez pass, went and did three more corners and at the end of the back straight – turn six – braked and had nothing again, so I stopped the bike with the rear brake.

It’s a complete disaster. I look pissed off because I was pissed off. When you work so hard to come back, two weeks of sacrificing every single hour of every day to try and get back, going in the hyperbaric chamber, training, all to do three shit laps. I’m not happy, sure. I am not happy with the situation.

We have completed one race, which was a joke as well, and we even had an electronic problem in that race so yeah, the situation is bad and I don’t see that we are getting much better. The distance to the winner is way too far. I don’t see how the team are celebrating so much for 20 seconds behind the winner.

I came all the way here to do three laps and get nowhere. The disc looked fine, the calliper looked fine but when I came in the pits and pressed the brake, they didn’t even work, it was back to the bar, I wound the adjustment as far as it would go, so I had to hang off the bike to press the lever and there was nothing left.

I’m not going to risk my ass and everyone else’s out there. When I nearly hit the back of Hernandez I was already coming into the pits as there was no point in being out there.”



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