Yamaha to put into production electric bikes

I’m sure we have all seen the Yamaha electric concepts that have been doing the rounds lately. Given the current global economic climate, it is no wonder that Yamaha have decided to manufacturer the PES1 and PED1, a sport bike and dirt bike respectively.


From what I understand, the bikes are entertaining to ride and certainly won’t do any damage to the ozone, well not directly anyway. But more importantly you will not be spending your income on fuel and oil to propel your motorcycle and then you will not be supporting oil rich countries which seem to have a bone to pick with the west, nevertheless I digress.


The PED1 is said to weigh less than 85kg’s while the PES1 will weigh less than 100kg’s. Im sure the performance will be there or thereabout, however with no Akrapovic or FMF pipe attached to the back, I for one remain uninterested until I am presented with a ride.


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