Norton Motorcycles return to South Africa

Below is a press release stating that Cayenne in Kyalami will be bringing the iconic Norton brand back to South Africa. (Please note this is a press release hence the need to state how amazing Cayenne is).


The Cayenne Group has tied up yet another great brand for the group with the recent signing of the famous British Norton Motorcycle agency for South Africa.
Cayenne seems to be on a roll adding new brands to its portfolio and is undoubtedly the most active in the industry. The Norton brand makes an impressive addition to its existing stable of famous brands.

“It was a case of being in the right place at the right time,” said CEO of the Cayenne Group, Doug Acheson. “We have been eyeing the Norton brand for some time now”, says Acheson, “and whilst in the UK we met with them and tied up a great deal for Cayenne Group and our dealers”.

“Norton has a great heritage in the motor cycle industry”, Acheson continued, “and besides being a very famous marque, Norton has an illustrious racing pedigree. The brand is coming back in a big way, and it’s already establishing itself in a number of countries with some exciting new models,” he said. “Our plan is to have the full Norton range available to local customers, which will be the Norton Commando 961 Café Racer, the 961 Sport model and the 961 SF. More information about the models will be announced in due course“, he concluded.

“An indication of the enthusiasm Norton assigns to this deal is illustrated by their decision to give Cayenne ‘orders priority’”, says Acheson.
Norton’s CEO, Stuart Garner, is excited at the prospect of having Cayenne Group as its partner in South Africa. “Cayenne is the perfect partner”, he explained. “They have the expertise, experience, all the service capacity and more, besides being a well-established national dealer network. We really could not ask for more from an agent” said Garner.

“Our research shows us we have an excellent following in South Africa”, he noted, “and a recent International TT Race at the Zwartkops Raceway and at Killarney Raceway in Cape Town, also boosted our confidence for the brand in South Africa”

The first shipment of Norton motorcycles arrive in South Africa in March and April and will be available on the dealers’ floors in the same period



2 thoughts on “Norton Motorcycles return to South Africa

    1. jozirides says:

      That is a good question, I am not aware of any long term reliability tests, I suppose it is possible to discuss it with a dealer, however they will be biased. Anyone own a Norten and want to share their experience, that would be great.

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