Time for Ducati fans to apologize to the Doctor

You may remember that Valentino Rossi had a horrid 2 year stint at Ducati Corse for 2011 and 2012. Many Ducati fans the world over blamed Valentino Rossi for his lack of performance and inability to ride the Desmo. Well now with the conclusion of the 2013 season, we can see just how bad the Desmosedici is.

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Valentino Rossi finished his 2013 campaign in 4th place on the Yamaha, whereas at Ducati he finished 7th. Valentino scored 163 points during 2012 with Ducati and 237 points for his 2013 season on the Yamaha. Andrea Dovizioso, who is regarded by many to be an exceptional talent, only scored 140 points on the Ducati for his 2013 campaign.


But it is not only limited to Valentino Rossi and Andrea Dovizioso, remember Iannone and Spies? Simple maths dictates that the Ducati is just not up to speed. Ducati fans have had a large serving of humble pie with the departure of Rossi and now would be a good time to stop externalizing the blame.




The fact is the Desmosedici sucks ass. Casey Stoner (the last rider to win a championship with Ducati) even said after his championship win that if Ducati did not try to improve the Desmosedici it would fall behind drastically, which it has.

Unfortunately Cal Crutchlow may be on a career ending motorcycle for his 2014 season and we all know that he is a rare talent given his performance on the Tech 3 Yamaha.

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If Ducati management are trying to prove a point to the organizers of MotoGP namely, Dorna motorsports, due to a disagreement in negotiations, well then congratulations you have only achieved in damaging your brand.


We all know Ducati possess the resources and management capable of running with Yamaha and Honda, so this fact makes it even worse.

Valentino, you made the right decision moving back to Yamaha despite the criticism and hate speech. Well done.



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