Suzuki’s MotoGP bike

Suzuki are planning a return to the ultimate motorcycle competition, namely MotoGP in 2015. So here are a few snaps which show the Suzuki XRH-1 MotoGP race bike up close and personal.


Some of the rule changes for the next season in MotoGP include a 20 litre fuel limit, and a standard ECU for factory riders.

It features a straight 4 configuration and aims to challenge the dominant Honda’s and Yamaha’s. There is still a bit of work for Suzuki to do, but it bodes well for the sport, and I cannot wait to see the name return to MotoGP.


I was fortunate to own a Suzuki GSX-R600 K7, and from my experience with the bike, believe that Suzuki should be a name recognized amongst the others at the top rung of motorcycle racing.

Suzuki-MotoGP-race-bike-EICMA-08-635x421 Suzuki-MotoGP-race-bike-EICMA-11-635x421 Suzuki-MotoGP-race-bike-EICMA-12-635x421 Suzuki-MotoGP-race-bike-EICMA-02-635x421 Suzuki-MotoGP-race-bike-EICMA-04-635x421


2 thoughts on “Suzuki’s MotoGP bike

  1. jc12oc says:

    It will be good to see Suzuki back in Moto GP. With Aprilia also rumoured to be returning in 2016, the grid will be getting bigger and more competitive.

    Nice blog, I am now following you. Feel free to check my blog out and follow back, thanks 🙂

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