Valentino Rossi and Jeremy Burgess split

In what was seen as the most successful partnership between rider and crew chief in the history of MotoGP, Valentino Rossi announced that the pair would no longer be working together. This comes after 30 years of varying success.



Some say that Rossi’s stint at Ducati, Simoncelli’s death and his lack of performance on his beloved Yamaha are some of the factors resulting in his decision. According to sources, Jeremy Burgess didnt know of the split until just before the press conference. Nevertheless for 2014 Vale will have a new chief mechanic.

According to Rossi: “Next year, Jerry will not be my chief mechanic. It was a very difficult decision for me because I have a great history with him, he is not just my chief mechanic but part of a family, my father of racing, but I decide for next year I need to change something for try to find new motivation and have a new boost for improve my level and speed,”



Naturally  Valentino has received a lot of criticism with most saying that he should take responsibility for his lack of performance. Whether he is right or not, we will only see once MotoGP 2014 commences. 




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