Husqvarna 701 Motard concept

Husqvarna-701-Concept-EICMA-2-635x421 Husqvarna-701-Concept-EICMA-3-635x421

The 701 represents a concept from Husqvarna which could signal their return into the world of Supermoto.

Features include a trellis frame, 650cc single cylinder motor with 75hp, Brembo brakes and WP suspension.

Husqvarna-701-Concept-EICMA-4-635x421 Husqvarna-701-Concept-EICMA-7-635x421

The spec sheet therefore ticks all the extravagant options, but the best thing about this concept is that sexy tail end and that fabulous Akrapovic exhaust pipe. Wow.

Husqvarna-701-Concept-EICMA-12-635x421 Husqvarna-701-Concept-EICMA-13-635x421

The intergration of the pipe into the bodywork looks fantastic and now there can be no excuses for burning yourself on the hot exhaust pipe while you shift your body weight around.



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