Honda recaptures a classic. CB1100

Today, the motorcycle industry is diverse and offers a range of customers and equally dynamic range of motorcycles. From purpose built two-stroke Motocross machines to 6 cylinder long distance cruisers, to fully electric scooters. There are no limitations to the range of motorcycles on offer.  
Honda have recently unveiled the CB1100 and at first sight you may think we have added the wrong images to the article, but in fact the CB1100 is an all-new motorcycle built from the ground up.
The CB1100 was built to resemble the classis CB750. An all-time favourite that paved the way for the modern motorcycle. Soichiro Honda proved with the CB750 that 4 cylinder machines could offer more to the motorcycle industry than the traditional small capacity two cylinder designs popular at the time.
The CB750 was packaged to suit, with a competent frame as well as a disk brake up front providing sufficient stopping power.  
Today the CB1100 appeals to the success the CB750 brought when it was released in 1969. It takes a trained eye to establish when this bike was actually made. The CB1100 appeals to a new market who perhaps once were not able to afford a motorcycle. It also appeals to those who admired the success and design of the CB750 and it also appeals to those who have an interest in classic biking but want the comforts and reliability that modern technology provides.
Engineers at Honda wanted to design and create a classic not merely disguise it under style tweaks. As a result the CB1100 features materials such as leather, metal, rubber and plastic machined to give the bike that classic feel sort after by many.  
The CB1100 features a 4 cylinder DOHC air-cooled engine. This is undoubtedly the heart and soul of the CB1100. At 8,500 rpm it produces 66 KW and 93 NM of torque at 5000 rpm. The power delivery however is what really makes the CB1100 appealing. Engineers created the engine to give instantaneous acceleration throughout the Rpm range in a smooth and refined manner. In addition the CB1100 incorporates extremely efficient PGM-FI fuel injection, utilising one 36mm throttle body, providing excellent fuel consumption figures of 25.1km/l.  
 Honda have also given the CB1100 excellent modern braking technology with Combined ABS, twin 296mm floating discs up front and a 256mm disc and single-piston caliper at the rear. This enables you to enjoy all the benefits of classical motorcycling with the addition of modern advancements, making your riding experience all the more entertaining and comfortable.  

The CB1100 highlights Honda’s historical success and brings to life a classic. The engineers at Honda have created a masterpiece from exquisitely machined materials and attention to detail. 

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